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390 (JAN 09) Early Automatic Transmissions, The Borgward, Car Heaters, First Race Across America
391 (FEB 09) Upholstery - Padding a seat/back spring, The Doble Steam Car, Project for a Cold Winter Day - electrical corrosion, The Trabant & Wartburg, JC Whitney, Electrical Charging system
392 (MAR 09) Forging Pt I, Reynolds Alberta Museum I, Chevrolet Corvair, Exhaust Systems, Restoration Hints, Ignition Systems,
393 (APR 09) Forging Pt II, Brake Bleeding, King Pins, Breaker Point Distributor, Citroen 2CV, Citroen SM, Reynolds Alberta Museum II.
394 (MAY 09) Leather: care, Dyeing, How Leather is Made, Mercedes 190SL, More on Brake Bleeding, Project for an Afternoon - Vacuum Lines, Motorhead's Guide to Automotive Museums, Tool Kit for a Vintage Car.
395 (JUNE 09) Engine Coolant, Morris Minor, Carbureter Fuel System, License Plates, Anomalies of Electricity, 1925 Crane-Simplex
396 (JULY 09) Upholstering a Seat Spring, A Library Guide, 1925 Cadillac, Fuel Pumps, Fiat Nuova 500
397 (AUG 09) Fabricating Gaskets, Rubber and Alcohol Compatibility, 1939 Lagonda V-12, Carbureted Fuel Systems, Selecting the Correct Hammer
398 (SEPT 09) 1930s Ignition Switches, The Carburetor, Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger, Why Negative Ground, The Desoto
399 (OCT 09) Part 1 - Getting Your ‘New’ Old Car Home, Sealing a Gas Tank, Carburetor Overhaul, DKW & Auto Union, 1955 Packard Caribbean
400 (NOV 09) Electrical Schematics, Fuel Injector Systems, Sugar in the Gas Tank?, Evolution of the Radiator
401 (DEC 09) Trailer Winch Selection, Installation of Inner Tubes, MIG Welding, 1933 DeSoto,
402 (JAN 10) Turn Signals, Repairing a Temperature Gauge, Pt I, Sparkplug Degradation, The Porsche 356, The Ford Skyliner
403 (FEB 10) Odditites of Taps and Dies, Repairing a Temperature Gauge, Pt II, Repairing Front end Damage, The Lincoln 'K', The Jaguar XK cars
404 (MAR 10) License Plate Repair & Restoration, Buying Quality Tools, Body Work: Passenger Compartment & Trunk, The Tupelo Automotive Museum, Jay Leno's 3-wheeled Morgan
405 (APR 10) 'Crash' Transmissions and Non-sychronized Gears, Testing An Ignition Coil, Panhard and Dyna 55 Panhard Engine, The Bricklin,
406 (MAY 10) Datsun 510, Selecting Power Washer, Coolant Filter, Tapping & Cutting Threads, Provenance and Car Values, The Maxwell.
407 (JUNE 10) Nuts & Bolts & Other Fasteners, Trailer Hitches, 1949-’51 Mercury Eight, Alcohol & Gas Tanks, 1936-’76 Mercedes Diesel, Ballast Resistors.
408 (JULY 2010) Running Board Restortion, Upholstering Seats, Car Radios, The Triumph
409 (AUG 2010) 12 volt negative and positive ground systems, From SAE Copper and Copper-based alloys, The Basics of Stripping and Blasting, Old Generators
410 (SEPT 2010) Auto Troubleshooting, Wiring Woes, Media Blasting, Pt 2, Freewheeling, The Muntz Car, The Allard
411 (OCT 2010) Headlight service, Alfa Romeo Spider, The Tucker, Media Blasting Pt 3
412 (NOV 2010) Magnafluxing, Suspension System, Overdrive Troubleshooting, Chrysler’s Car of the Future 1955
413 (DEC 2010) Manual Transmission, The Heinkel Trojan, Fiat Millicento, SAE Handbook Brake Specs, Mechanical Accessories and Updates.
414 (JAN 2011) SPECIAL ISSUE: Modified for Today's Driving, Converting Model A to Hydraulic Brakes, Adding Front Disc Brakes, Electronic Ignition, Electric Fuel Pumps
415 (FEB 2011) Gasoline Phase Separation, SN Oil, Carter Carburetors Series W, The Jaguar Mark, Service Power Steering Systems
416 (Mar 11) Elva Courier, Carber BB carb, Sludge, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Mercedes-Benz 150 roadster
417 (April 11) MG Sport Sedans, Antique Car Radio Repair Pt I, Carter Carbs YF & YH
418 (May 11) Water in the Gas, Pt II, Simcas, Carter Ford Carb, Holley Carbs, Car Vibrators, Intro to Painting, Setting Valves
419 (June 11) Citroen Traction Avant, Antique Radio Repair Pt III, Wheel Bearings & Steering Knuckles, Futurliner Restoration
420 (July 2011) Abrasive & Sanding Papaers, Holley's 2-Barrel Carburetor, Tail Lights, Turn Signal lights, etc., Jay Leno's 1914 Premiere, Canadian Cars
421 (August 2011) Ross Cam and Lever Steering, Intro To Paint and Painting Pt. IV, 1955 Pontiac, Ford 2-barrel carburetor, the MGB and MGB-GT
422 (Sept 2011) Peuget, Ford 2-barrel carb, Pt 2, Troubleshooting Drum Brakes, Fabricating a gas tank, Arrow-Meter
423 (Oct. 2011) Nash-Healey, Rochester Carburetors, Correct Gear Oil, Bendix Dbl Anchor Non-Servo Brakes
424 (Nov 11) Mercedes-Benz 300/600, 4 WD Transmission and Transfer Case, Studebaker Bros.
425 (Dec 11) Spark Plugs, Hillman - Minx and Husky, Louis Chevrolet, Rochester Carburetor Pt 3, 4 WD Transmission and Transfer Case Pt 2
426 (Jan 12) Facel/Facel-Vega, Torquing a Bolt, Stromberg Type U carburetors, Karl Benz
427 (Feb 12) Servicing mechanical brakes, Porsche 914-916, John Willys, Repairing stop lights
428 (Mar 12) Servicing Mechanical Brakes, Pt II, Trailing safety hints, Troubleshooting dash instruments
429 (April 12) Stromberg Carburetors Pt I, Alfred Sloan, Troubleshooting dash instruments Pt II, Cleaning Your Car - Underside, Engine, Transmissions
430 (May 12) Automotive Generators - Introduction, Stromberg WW & WWC Carburetors, Henry Timken, Bearing Care, Cleaning Your Car - The Exterior
431 (June 12) Fire & Fire Extinguishers, Holley Dual Concentric Carburetors, Repairing Generators, Multi-plate Clutch, Morgan 4/4
432 (July 12) GM Semi-automatic transmissions, Piston and Ring Inspection, The Aero, Ford Four Barrel Carburetor, Air-Cooled Cars
433 (Aug. 12) Top Material Pt 1, Choosing and Maintaining Tires, Spark Plugs, Holley High Performance Carburetors, Pistons and Rings Pt 2
434 (Sept 12) Analysis of Engine Noises Pt 1, Pistons and Rings Pt 3, Top Material Pt 2, Cleaning Windows, Intro to Mechanical Brakes
435 (Oct 12) Rochester 4GC Carburetor, Analysis of Engine Noises Pt 2, Valves and Seat, Jaguar E-type, Removing a Rear Brake Drum
436 (Nov 12) Camshaft Pulley Leaks, Step Plates, Repairing Die Cast Trim Parts, Headlight Reflector Service, Twoing Services
437 (Dec 12) Resistor Spark Plugs and Wires, Service Car Radio Vibrators, Top Material Part IV, Repairing Model A Ford (and others) Horns
438 (Jan 13) Gas Lights for Motoring, Introduction, Making Acorn Nuts, Valve Train Assembly, Clean Plastic Headlight Covers. Fisher Brothers
439 (Feb 13) What's My Car/Truck Worth, California Legacy License Plates, Fuel Pumps, Motor Mounts, The Lotus Seven
440 (Mar 13) Auto Insurance - Your Rights and Responsibilities, A New Carburetor Needle Valve, Repairing a Leaky Brass Carburetor Float, Shop Hints and Tricks
441 (Apr 13) Making Your Own Car Carpets, Breaker Point Service - Dwell, Weird Cars That People Actually Bought, Simpatico for a Car
442 (May 13) Stromberg U-3 Carburetor Float Adjustment, Repairing Dash Gauges, Breaker Point Service - Rebuilding the Distributor, Stromberg UU-2 Carburetor
443 (June 13) Safety Tips, Repairing Dash Gauges, con't., Gasoline Resistant Sealants, Post War Austins, Torquing
444 (July 13) Auto Appraisals, Repairing Dash Gauges, con't., Stater Motor Principles and Troubleshooting, Product Evaluations, Old Ideas in Use Today
445 (August 13) Repairing the Windshield Wiper System. The Stromberg 'O' Carburetors, Making a Wiring Harness, Steering and Steering Wheels
446 (Sept 13) Engine Analysis Using Sparkplugs, Brake Service Pt 1, Directional Signals, Impossible Fixes
447 (Oct 13) Controlling Rust, Brake Service - Lockheed, Electro-Magnetic Vibrating Horn, Preparing Your Car/Truck for Winter
448 (Nov 13) On Concours d'Elegance, Making a Glove Box, Brake Service - Bendix, Rewcirculating Ball & Nut Steering
449 (Dec 13) Westinghouse Shock Absorbers, Ball & Nut Steering Gear, Brake Service, Westinghouse Vacuum Brakes & Steeldraulic Brakes
450 (Jan 14) BMW Baroque Angels, Auto Relocation, More on America's First Car, Worm & Roller Steering
451 (Feb 14) Carter BB Downdraft Carburetors, Readers Speak Out on Concours d'Elegance, Ross Cam & Lever Steering, A Lightweight CO2 Fire Extinguisher
452 (Mar 14) Manual Rack and Pinion Steering, Brake Service, con't., Carter BB Updraft Carburetor
453 (April 14) Linkage Power Assist Steering, AC Fuel Pump Service Part 1, Wooden Body COnstruction, Thermostatically Controlled Grille Shutters
454 (May 14) Wooden Body Construction, part 2, 1941 Plymouth Coupe, Headlamp Lens Data, AC Fuel Pump, part 2, The Intermeccanica
455 (June 14) 1934 Didge Clutch replacement, AC Fuel Pump service con't., Headlamp Lens data, cont., The Armstrong Siddeley, Wooden Body Construction con't., Saginaw Rotary Power Steering
456 (July 14) Rack and Pinion Power Steering, The British Riley,m Headlamp Data Pt III, AC Fuel Pump Pt III, Shop Hints
457 (August 14) Using a Vacuum Gauge, Rebuilding the Power Steerig Pump, The Otwell Heater, Selecting the Correct Screwdriver, Chassis Service, Headlamps con't.
458 (Sept 14) Tatras, Photographing Your Vehicle, Steering Geometry (McQuay-Norris), The Bearing, Truck Rear Axles andDiffs.
459 (Oct 14) Rear Axle Bearings and Seals, Relays, Bearing Troubles, Industrias Kaiser Argentina & Willys Brasil
460 I(Nov 14) Triumph Sedans, Delco-Remy Generators, Speedometer Chain Repair, Replacing Seals and Bearings
461 (Dec 14) Delco-Remy Distributor, Differential Noises, 1910 Hunt Specialm Desomdromic Valves
462 (Jan 15) How to Use and Electrical Meter, Delco-Remy Distributor Pt. 2, Troubleshooting the Electrical System, Triumph Spitfire
463 (Feb 15) Old Cars in India, SmaTach 100 Meter, McQuay-Norris Tune-up Guide, Two-Speed Rear Axle
464 (March 15) What is Vapor Lock?, Tandem Rear Truck Axles, Spare Parts Now, The D.C> Charging System
465 (April 15) Where Have All te4h Auto Specialists Gone?, Tech Tips - Cut Your Own Glass, Mechanical Fuel Pumps, Truck Transmissions and Clutches
466 (May 15) Taking a Road Trip - 100 years ago, Truck Brkae Systems, Part I, Early GPS: The Ticonometer
467 (June 15) An Obituary: Bill Cannon, Retoration of a 1923 Seagrave Frie Truck Pumper, Truck Brake Systems Part II, Mercedes Benz W108 & W109 Sedans
468 (July 15) The Science of Carburetion, Truck Suspension & Steering, The Alternator, Renault Alpine, Brightening Hard Rubber
469 (August 15) Double Contact Regulators, Auto Insurance, Linkage Type Power Steering, The Radio and the Car
470 (Sept 15) Canadian Trucks, Fuel Systems - Carbureted & Diesel, Delcotron Regulators, cont., Speedometer Service
471 (Oct 15) Preparing for Winter, Tractor Maintenance, Dyer License Plate, Elcar Pt 1, Alternator Regulators, Volkswagen Type 3 &?4
472 (Nov15) Flaring Tubing, Seat Belts, Truck Electrical Pt 1, Elcar Pt 2, Zaporozhets
473 (Dec 15) Morgan Trikes, Truck Eelctricl Pt 2, Cars From Cuba?, Elcr Pt 3, Slick 50 and other Additives. Fabricating Brass
474 (Jan. 16) When Water is a Problem, Stovebolt Six, Hillman IMP. Gas Tank Sealer, Mechanical Brakes, The Powell Lever Motor
475 (Feb 16) The Owen Magnetic, The Right Way to Sweat, Chiltons Tune Up Specs 1927-31, What is a Backfire, Hydraulic Brakes
476 (Mar 16) German Microcars, Ignition Troubleshooting, Front Suspension Pt 1, High Speed Carburetor Jet, Air Cleaners and Oil Filters
477 (Apr 16) Front Suspension Pt 2, Fuel & Carburetion Troubleshooting, C.E. Woods &The Electric Car, Fuel, Brake and Oil fittings, Unusual Products, A Lady's Perspective.
478 (May 16) Front Suspension, Part III, European Horsepower Ratings, The AGM Battery, Tapping and Threading
479 (June 16) Automotive Oddities, Manual Steering, Using a Hand Reamer, Fuel Filter, Portable Lighting, Clearnace Standards
480 (July 16) Rebuilding a Manual Steering Box, Portable Lighting II, Prest-O-Lite, Nickel or Chrome, Peening Hammer, Powder Coating at Home, Pt. I
481 (August 16) Engine Balance & Vibration, Troubleshooting a Fuel Gauge, Powder Coating Con't., BMC ADO 16, Studebaker Vehicle Restoration
482 (September 16) Heine-Velox - A San Francisco Motorcar, 100th Anniversaryu of the Tow Truck, 1966-'95 Puma, Cutting Holes in Thin Metal, More Automotive Oddities, Independent Rear Suspension, Powder Coating Con't.
483 (October 16) Automatic Starters, The Variomatic Transmission, Installing and Electric Clock, Significant Automotive Events
484 (November16) Carburetor Calibrations, Locating Carburetor Trouble, Tech-Tip - Metal Files, Automobile Engines, Pt I, Volkswagen Kubelwagen & Schwimmwagen
485 (December 16) Tech-Tips Cotter Pins, Etching a Sill Plate or ID. Tag, Mercedes Benz 130-150H-170H, Automotive Engines Pt II
486 (January 2017) What is A Magneto?, Engine Oil/Coolant Leaks, Lamborghini, Caree and Selection of Tires, Pt I, The Chrysler Corporation
487 (February 2017) Insurance. Replacing Tming Gears and Chains, Care adn Selelction of Tires Pt II,Small Foreign Trucks, Engine Oil, Horse-Drawn Steam Fire-Fighting Equipment
488 (March 2017) Installation and Care of Inner Tubes, Klazon Horns, Horse-Drwan Steam Fire Fighting Equipment Pt II, OHV Top End Noise, Tiny French Cars
489 (April 2017) Engine Oils and Greases. The Ooh-gah horn, Flat-head Engine top end noise, Opels of the '30s and '40s, Unusual Tools
490 (May 2017) Piston Rings, Shop Safety, Ignition Timing 1930s cars, Brake Bleeding Kit, Why Solder Terminals?, Tech-Tips - Screw-Holding Screwdrivers
491 (June 2017) EngineARemoval, Winch Selection & Use, More Gear Oil Informaion, Eastwoods, Surface Conditioning Tool, Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing, Ignition Timing Pt II
492 (July 2017) Ignition and Fuel Systems, Ignition Timing, con't., The Used Car Racket 1933, More Gear Oil Information, Arnolt MG/Bristol and more
493 (August 2017) Starter Systems, Mechanicl Fuel Pump, Overheating- Causes and Cures, Pipe & Tube Fittings, The BurmaShave Story, Gas/Ethanol and Rubber
494 (September 17) Hiring Your Car & Insurance, Battery & Charging Circuits, Repair of a gas tank, Selecting e Right Battery, Rear Axle Ratios Pt I,  
495 (October 17) Rear Axle Ratios, The Most Forgotten Fluids, Laser Thermometer, Turn Signals and Gauges, Three Wheeled SPorts Cars
496 (November 17) The Automotive Clutch, Preparing an Engine FOr Winter, Two-Wheel Brakes, Jowett Javelin & Jupiter
497 (December 17) Starting a Long Stored Engine, Protecting A Convertible Top, Lagonda, Starter Springs, Head & Rear Lamp Plugs, Holes on a Buick
498 (January 18) Windshield Wiper Motors Pt 1, Driveshafts & Universals, Torquing Head Bolts, Studebaker's Over-Running Clutch, Analysis of Engine Noises
499 (Feb 18) The Differential, Windshield Wipers Pt 2, Engine Noises, continued, Servicing Door Locks, Servicing Window Regulators, Renault R8 & R10
500 (Mar 18) Automobile Overdrives Pt 1, Engine Noises Pt III, Measuring Your Car for a Cover, Folbert Windshield Wipers, Torquing Head Bolts
501 (Apr 18) Adjusting Lockheed Brakes, Rebuilding an Overdrive Unit, Instaling a Wiring Harness, MG Midgets
502 (May 18) Gasoline Gauges, Lockheed Brakes, Con't., How an Engine is Lubricated, Marcos GT, Automatic Transmission Leaks
503 (June 18) The Bearing & Precision Measurements, How to Drive a Model T Ford, Ignition Systems, Pt 1, Split Rim Tires
504 (July 18) Ignition Systems, t 2, Automotive Bulbs ad Headlight Lenses, Truck Check List, Master Brake Cylinder Rod, Valve Troubles
505 (Aug 18) Trailer wiring, Manifold Heat Controls, What is Free-Wheeling?, Ammco Brake Gage, Porsche 912
506 (Sept 2018) Care and Installation of Inner tubes, Repairing a Brass carb float, Steering Linkage, The HRG and the Dellow, The Electricall System Pt II
507 (Oct 18) Cylinder Bore Service, Vapor Lock, Steering Linkage Pat II, Early Japanese Sports Cars
508 (Nov 18) Getting Ready for Winter, Rear Suspension, Early Vlovos, Dry Gas
509 ( Dec 2018) The Steering Box, The Wankel Engine, Heating and Vent Systems, Desotos Overseas
510 (Jan 19) Sorry - not available
511 (Feb 2018) The Distributor, Spark Plugs (Dykes Pt II, Grease Fittings, The Ignition Coil, Volkswager Golf/Rabbit, Body panels 
512 (Mar 19) Troubleshooting Small Units, Locating a Battery Drain, Model T Charging System, The Incredible Journey Jose Barone, Volkswagens Before the Beetle
513 (Apr 2019) What is a COB Light?, Selecting a Good Work Light, Repairing Pick-Up Bed, The Graham, Hand Crank Starting the Model T, Troubleshoot Your Own Car


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