Our company has been in business for more than 10 years, although it was not until 2012 that it finally took shape. Our profile is retro equipment of the last century. And despite the seeming youth of the restoration workshop, all the employees have a lot of experience in the field of restoration and golden hands! Each of us knows that the cars of the past are not only gorgeous and magnificent creations of engineering, but also living beings with very interesting destinies!

Our portfolio:
  • Maintenance (scheduled and unscheduled maintenance);
  • Sandblasting (both local and whole body);
  • Bodywork of any complexity;
  • Paint and varnish works of any complexity;
  • (body painting, auto color replacement, local painting and varnish repair);
  • Locksmithing repair (engine and gearbox, suspension, etc.);
  • Bodywork (replacement of seals, windows, adjustment of gaps of body elements);
  • Installing additional equipment
  • Installation of additional equipment (installation of power brakes, additional optics, noise isolation salon, anti-corrosion treatment of the bottom, the installation of hidden acoustic system, and so on);
  • Tuning (installation of modern ICE and automatic transmission, replacement of brakes on disk, modernization of suspension, etc.);
  • Tailoring of interiors (as under the original, and in a modern format);
  • Sale and search for parts (new, used, rebuilt);
  • Evacuation and logistics of retro equipment.


Our approach to the restoration, repair and modernization of machinery is simple: to listen to and fully understand the client’s desire, to offer technically competent and aesthetically appropriate options of performance and then implement the agreed option of work! That is why we will always find an approach to any task and will do our best to make the client satisfied and happy!